Capital Design Guidelines

The Capital Design Guidelines are a working collection of advice and direction, best practices, and aspiration.

The Capital Design Guidelines are organized into two types of categories.

G: Global Categories

The global categories provide design and planning guidance across the National Capital Region for the most critical aspects of the Capital’s composition and character. These guidelines are organized in three overarching sections:

  • G1 Site Planning and Urban Form
  • G2 Landscapes and Public Spaces
  • G3 Buildings and Structures

S: Specific Categories

The specific categories provide detailed design policies for particular topics and themes. Specific categories provide the most precise level of guidance and best practices, on a topic-by-topic basis. However, they are to be read and interpreted in relation to the global categories and/or other specific categories. Where contradictions or trade-offs between competing guidelines exist, designers and decision makers are encouraged to raise these points for discussion via the design process to develop innovative solutions and compromises. New sections will continue to emerge, as the NCC develops additional guidelines and directions for specific topics or contexts.