Capital Design Guidelines

The NCC is engaged in the continual beautification and betterment of the National Capital Region, in keeping with its mandate to ensure that the nature and character of the Capital are in accordance with its national significance.

Design is the cumulative effect of the work of many design professions, shaping the built environment from macro elements, such as transportation networks, to micro elements, like individual building facades, street furnishings and material choices.

Design is the creative process of envisioning and planning solutions to a problem or need. Consequently, design is not only the physical outcome, such as a building’s aesthetics or choice of material, but also the entirety of the decision-making process. Throughout the design process, designers must consider many factors and inputs to develop an appropriate design solution in the form of plans, drawings or models.

The designers’ role is as follows:

  • to analyze and study the problem to fully understand the functions and requirements at play;
  • to generate creative ideas and concepts to meet the requirements;
  • to refine the solutions through iterative testing and feedback; and
  • to detail and finalize the optimal design solution.
Design Process

Design Process